The Danish School System

The Danish school system consists of both public and private schools. There are ten years of compulsory education but no compulsory school attendance.

Upper Secondary Education

In Denmark, upper secondary education divides into educations giving access to higher education and vocational or technical education.

Higher Education

Higher education in Denmark is taught at universities, university colleges, and academies of professional higher education.

Language Education for New Residents

Randers Language Center (Sprogcenter Randers) is a school where you can learn to speak, write, and read Danish.

Educational Guidance

The educational guidance is primarily targeted at young people up to the age of 25 but also contains services for adults wishing to enter a higher education program.

Good to Know for Students in Randers

Randers is a city with good career opportunities and many good offers for students. You can even find affordable housing within the city.

Students' Grants and Loans

Danish students and some foreign citizens are entitled to public support for their further education, regardless of social standing.