There is a wide variety of companies in and close to Randers, which ensures that there is a place for every qualification and job desire, including yours.

Working Culture

Understanding and adjusting to the Danish working culture can sometimes present challenges to foreigners. There are certain unwritten rules you need to know.

Employees in Denmark

Employees in Denmark generally enjoy high-quality working conditions, decent pay, generous holiday allowances, and the opportunity to enhance their future career prospects with further training and education.

Requirements for Working in Denmark

Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a residence and work permit or a registration certificate in order to be allowed to work in Denmark.

Looking for Employment

When you are looking for employment in Denmark, there are several employment-related search engines and job databases that can be useful.


The Danish government has done a lot to make Denmark an attractive place for investment and new business ventures. This is also the case for Randers.

Unemployment Benefits

An unemployment insurance policy is taken out from an unemployment insurance fund, also known as an "a-kasse".