Good to know for Students in Randers

Randers is a city with good career opportunities and many good offers for students. You can even find affordable housing within the city.

Affordable housing

It is relatively easy to find affordable housing in Randers Municipality that the state educational grant (SU) can pay for. Randers has a number of cheap apartments and student residents. For example, the housing association RandersBolig has several rental homes that you can afford on a small budget. Moreover, renting from private people is cheaper in Randers than in larger cities.

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Library with excellent study facilities

Randers Library has the literature you need for your studies - physically or online. The library has thousands of books and free databases, where you can find knowledge here and now. If you need help, there are several librarians you can ask.

At the library, there are study places with WiFi, power for your PC, a coffee machine and free ice water. There is also access to a printer, copier and scanner.

Read more at Randers Library's website.

Good transport connections

In Randers, there are good transport connections to Aarhus and Aalborg - both by bus and train. Therefore, you can choose to live in Randers while studying in Aarhus or Aalborg and, thus, save money on the rent and still enjoy the above-mentioned offers. As a student, you can even get a public transport discount.