Upper Secondary Education

In Denmark, upper secondary education divides into educations giving access to higher education and vocational or technical education.

Upper secondary educations aiming for higher education

Which higher educations you get access to depends on your choice of upper secondary school and field of study. There are four different types of upper secondary educations that aims at qualifying the students for higher education:

  • The gymnasium (STX). This education is a natural continuation of primary and lower secondary education. The STX programs consist of a broad range of subjects in the fields of the humanities, natural science, and social science. The gymnasiums in Randers are Paderup Gymnasium and Randers Statsskole.
  • The Higher Preparatory Examination (HF). This education is very similar to the gymnasium with subjects in the fields of the humanities, natural science, and social science. However, the admission requirements are different. Learn more about HF in Randers.
  • The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX). The HHX program focuses on business and socio-economic disciplines in combination with foreign languages and other general subjects. Read more about HHX in Randers.
  • The Higher Technical Examination (HTX). The HTX program has its focus on technological and scientific subjects in combination with general subjects. Learn more about HTX in Randers.

STX, HHX and HTX take three years to complete and admit young people who have completed nine years of basic school. HF takes two years and admits people who have completed 10 years of basic school.

A pupil must take an admission test if he or she has not taken the examinations required for admission to STX, HHX, HTX, or HF.

Pupils who have not attended a Danish school may be admitted following a concrete assessment of whether they have qualifications corresponding to the requirements that must be fulfilled by pupils who have attended a Danish school. They may also be required to take an admission test.

Vocational education and training

The Danish vocational education and training programs are educational programs that alternate between practical training in a company and teaching at a vocational college.

Those who have completed a vocational education and training program can immediately work within the line of industry or trade that is the focus of the program.

The target group of vocational education and training programs are not only students who come directly after obtaining basic school education but also adults with prior vocational experience.

The vocational education and training options in Randers can be divided into five categories:


It is also possible to take a vocational education with the so-called EUX. EUX means that you will have subjects on the same level as they do on STX, HHX, HTX, and HF and get access to higher education in addition to the vocational skills.

In Randers, you can take the EUX at Tradium (Randers' combined technical and business college) or Randers Social & Healthcare College (Randers Social- og Sundhedsskole).