When you live in Randers Municipality, you can easily get around by bus, train, car, foot, or bike, as we have a well-established infrastructure.

Public transportation

In Randers, a strong network of both train and bus routes makes it easy to get to other parts of the country. That network also helps people enjoy big-city life without having to pay a big-city price. Aarhus, Aalborg, and even Copenhagen are only a train or bus ride away.

Commuting between Randers and Aarhus or Aalborg can be done with a minimum of stress on your part, as you can leave the driving to someone else.

Buses leave and arrive in Randers regularly from many different areas in Denmark, and can be caught at the bus terminal downtown (along with the city buses) or at one of the many stops along the routes. Trains leave throughout the day as well, going north to Aalborg and south to Aarhus and beyond with connections along the way.

Private transportation

For those who prefer to drive by car, Randers is perfectly situated between Aalborg and Aarhus with the major motorway E45 connecting the cities.

Driver's license

If you do not have normal residence in Denmark, you may use your foreign driver’s license in Denmark in certain cases. However, if you do not possess the required driver’s license, you can apply for a visitor’s driver’s license. In order to apply for a visitor’s driver’s license, you must contact the local police station and bring documentation from your home country relating to your driver’s license.

If you have normal residence in Denmark, you must in some cases exchange your foreign driver’s license for a Danish driver’s license. Whether you must exchange your foreign driver’s license and whether you must complete a driving test (consisting of a theoretical and a practical part) prior to the exchange depends on the country that has issued your driver’s license.

If your driver’s license was issued in the Faroe Islands, in an EU country, or an EEA country (Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein), an exchange is not required and you are allowed to drive the same types of vehicles in Denmark as you are according to your valid driver’s license from the issuing country. However, after two years with usual residence in Denmark, you have to exchange your driver’s license for a Danish driver’s license.

Importing a car

Importing your car from home is always an option. If you want to bring a foreign car to Denmark, it must be registered at the Danish tax authority (SKAT) within 30 days. In this process, you must pay a registration tax.

Up on the "iron horse"

Another option, which is extremely popular all over Denmark and definitely in Randers, is cycling. Whether it's for pleasure, sport, or competitive racing, Denmark is mad for bicycles. Randers Municipality works hard to encourage all of its citizens to jump up on their "iron horses" and even offers bikes for rental (electric and three-wheelers as well as commuter and city bikes).

We have many kilometres of bike lanes and paths and plenty of bike parking throughout the city. Check out Randers Bike City's website (in Danish) for all sorts of material on cycling in Randers - you can find everything from cycling routes and mountain biking possibilities to cycling clubs, insurance, and all types of interesting information in between. In addition, there's a Facebook page "Op på jernhesten" (Up on the Iron Horse) where you can find more information and connect with other cyclists.