Newly Arrived in Denmark?

When You Arrive

If you have come to work and live in Denmark for the first time, there are some important practical matters, you need to attend to.

Your Spouse/Partner

Your spouse or cohabiting partner can apply for a residence permit in accordance with the Danish law on family reunification.


All citizens and companies registered in Demark are required to have a NemKonto (Easy Account). A NemKonto is your main bank account.

Digitalization and NemID

You will receive communication from Randers Municipality and other public authorities in a personal digital mailbox. You need a NemID to access this.

The Danish Tax System

In Denmark, we follow the principle that all citizens use the public sector in some way, and thus all citizens must help pay for it.


Here you find information about which rules apply to work related insurance, private insurance, and health care insurance in Denmark.