Here you find information about which rules apply to work related insurance, private insurance, and health care insurance in Denmark.

Work-related Insurance

In Denmark, the employers are obligated to take out occupational injury insurance. You are covered by your employer’s insurance in connection with your job. Your employer’s insurance does not cover your leisure time.

Unemployment insurance is voluntary in Denmark.

Private Insurances

Most private insurances are voluntary in Denmark, but a few types are mandatory.

Mandatory insurances are required by law and includes motor vehicle liability insurance and dog liability insurance (if applicable; no dog or car, no need for insurance), since you as owner have liability for damages that your vehicle or dog might cause. In addition, you need to have a fire insurance if you are a homeowner.

Other types of insurances are optional and include general liability insurance, legal aid insurance, dental insurance, and contents insurance, which covers your belongings such as household goods, jewelry and bicycles. In addition, it can be reassuring to have a private accident insurance and life insurance.

It is advisable to shop around between the different insurance companies before purchasing as both price and coverage can vary. An insurance broker can help you examine which insurances it would be wise to take out for you and your family.

Proof of Insurance

When you are moving from your home country to Denmark, it would be a good idea to bring copies of any insurance policies that you carry. This provides proof of coverage and can help you negotiate lower rates with some insurances (such as vehicle coverage) or deal with issues about possible pre-existing conditions.

Health Care Insurance

In Denmark, there is a free health care system, so health care insurance is most likely not necessary. However, there can be special conditions for your specific case, so you should research if you need to take out private health insurance.

The Blue European Health Insurance Card

If you need medical treatment during travels in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, you will have to use the blue European Health Insurance Card.

This card ensures that, should you have a health emergency while visiting one of the above-mentioned countries, you will be entitled to the same treatment as nationals of the country you are travelling in. That may not necessarily mean that treatment will be free, unless the citizens of the country you are visiting receive treatment for free. Thus, to avoid unexpected medical expenses, you should be sure to take out travel insurance before you go on holiday to ensure that you can get the help you need without taking a financial hit.

If you are covered by the Danish health insurance, you can order the card for free online.

If you are here on a family reunification visa, you will need to go to Citizen Service Center (Borgerservice) at Odinsgade 14, 8900 Randers, to order your card in person.

It can take up to three weeks to get your card delivered.