Official Flag Days

See when the flag of Denmark (Dannebrog) will be flown at the City Hall (Rådhuset) and at the municipality offices on Laksetorvet.

The flag of Denmark (Dannebrog) will be flown at City Hall (Rådhuset) on Rådhustorvet and at Randers Municipality offices on Laksetorvet, unless otherwise stated, on the following days:

1 January New Year’s Day
5 February Crown Princess Mary’s birthday
6 February Princess Marie’s birthday
9 April Occupation of Denmark – April 1940**
16 April Her Royal Majesty Queen Margrethe’s birthday
18 April Good Friday*
29 April Princess Benedikte’s birthday
5 May Liberation of Denmark – May 1945
10 May Ascension Day
20 May Pentecost
26 May Crown Prince Frederik’s birthday
5 June Constitution Day
7 June Prince Joachim’s birthday
11 June Prince Henrik’s birthday
15 June Valdemar Day and Schleswig Reunification Day***
Week 33 Randers Week***
5 September Danish Remembrance Day - for those who have gone abroad in Denmark’s service
25 December Christmas Day

* At half-mast until sunset
** At half-mast until 12 noon and full-mast until sunset
*** The flags are also raised on Randers Bridge and the footbridge. You may see flags on the city buses as well.

The flag is raised at 8:00 a.m. (if sunrise takes place after this time, then at sunrise) and lowered at sunset.

The above-mentioned flag days (except for Randers Week) follow the official flag days set annually by the Royal Family and the Ministry of Justice.

Other flag days

In case of death of an employee or a City Council member in service, the flags are lowered to half-mast on Laksetorvet on the day of death.

When we receive official visits from abroad and diplomatic visits, we will be flying Dannebrog and the visiting country's national flag on Laksetorvet or at the City Hall.

Requests for flag-raising in addition to the above-mentioned must be sent in writing to the mayor, stating the reason, date of requested flag raising, and requested level (half-mast, full mast, or a combination).