Leisure Time and Social Life

Happening in Randers

Randers offers experiences that make the city worth more than one visit. There are several annual recurring events in the city.


The cultural life in Randers includes a great variety of genres and is always evolving with new exhibitions, stage plays, and concerts.


Randers is surrounded by breathtaking natural areas that allow you to both relax and be active. You can also explore the rich flora and fauna.


Randers has numerous sports clubs with many members. We have something to offer no matter whether you prefer doing sport or watching sport.


Randers offers many shopping experiences both in the city center (Randers City) and in Randers Storcenter in the southern part of the city.

Go Out

Randers have many different places to eat and go out. No matter whether you prefer to go out to eat, dance, talk, or listen to music, Randers has something to offer you.