Randers is surrounded by breathtaking natural areas that allow you to both relax and be active. You can also explore the rich flora and fauna.

Randers is known for its stunning natural settings, including the River Guden (Gudenå), the inlet Randers Fjord, and the surrounding forests. Thus, it is possible to walk, bicycle, or run while watching the impressive animal life and untouched nature. You can also canoe down the River Guden or grab your bike and go for a ride on "the River Guden path". Your children will most likely also enjoy watching all the animals.

If you are interested in guided tours and other outdoor activities, you can contact Randers Nature Center (Randers Naturcenter). They have activities for the entire family.

If you are interested in activities on the River Guden or the lakes around Randers, such as boating or swimming, you can go to the Gudenå Committee's website.

Video about nature in Randers Municipality