The cultural life in Randers includes a great variety of genres and is always evolving with new exhibitions, stage plays, and concerts.

Randers has more than 20 cultural institutions. Thus, when in Randers, you have the opportunity to experience Danish history and art as well as international culture.

Randers has an art museum, art galleries, historical museums, and a museum with animals and plants from the rainforest. The museums constantly exhibit new art installations, ensuring that you can regularly experience new art forms. In addition, you can listen to both Danish and international music at different concerts or visit the theater for a play or the new and modern cinema for a movie. Finally, there are many cultural events to check out, such as the annual Randers Week.

If you are interested in taking an active part in the cultural life in Randers you can, for example, join Randers Art Association (Randers Kunstforening).


Randers' history dates back to the Middle Ages. Walking around in the city with its cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and old buildings is like traveling back in time.

If you are interested in learning about the city’s history you can visit the historical museum (Museum Østjylland).


Community centers and the library arrange several activities such as theatrical performances, debates, and lectures as well as Danish and international concerts. The local library also arranges events for children, such as theatrical performances, which are often free of charge. You can get an overview of events in Randers by following the links below.

Events and Activities

Secretary of events
Randers Library
Randers City
Randers Storcenter
Randers Local Theater
The Danish Sinfonietta
Randers Nature Center