Randers Municipality is governed by the City Council. The City Council appoints the mayor as well as the first and second deputy mayor.

Randers Municipality's Organization

The mayor and the two deputy mayors are appointed in connection with elections for the City Council, which are held every four years.

The mayor handles the daily management of the municipality. The municipality’s executive committee is also appointed by the City Council and is composed of the chief executive and five professional directors, one of whom is also deputy chief executive.

Randers Municipality is organized in four management areas and a number of staffs.

Chief Executive

Chief Executive
Jesper Kaas Schmidt

The chief executive oversees the daily administration of Randers Municipality with four different departments under his purview.

The chief executive is in charge of the two following departments, each of which has its own manager or director.

Management Areas

Within Randers Municipality there are four major management areas that cover everything from social welfare and employment to culture and leisure time activities.