City Council

Randers Municipality is governed by the City Council. The City Council is elected by the citizens.

The City Council of Randers Municipality oversees the administration of government within the municipality through the Finance Committee and standing committees.

Randers Municipality is governed by the articles established in the local government of the municipality and the rules of procedure of the City Council.

The City Council also appoint the municipality’s executive committee. The executive committee is composed of the chief executive and five professional directors.

The directors of Randers Municipality make most decisions based on laws, regulations and guidelines of the standing committees and the City Council. The standing committees, however, usually make very important decisions or decisions that have important consequences for the individual citizen.

Key issues that the committees have no power to decide are sent to the City Council for consideration.

The City Council's composition

The City Council consists of 31 members who are elected for a four-year period.

The City Council appoints the mayor as well as the first and second deputy mayor.

The mayor is ex officio chairman of the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee has nine members, while the standing committees have seven members. All the members of the committees also sit on the City Council.

Attendance at City Council meetings by the media and citizens

Media and citizens have the right to attend City Council meetings, except those held behind closed doors. You can see when the next meeting is held in the meeting calendar (in Danish).

The City Hall (Rådhuset) is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, both for the city council members during the meeting and to the delight of the audience for the meeting. The audio is transmitted from the council's meetings, so it is possible to follow the council's negotiations directly at home.

The day after the meeting you will find an "on demand" version where you can listen to both yesterday's meeting and previous meetings.