Citizen Advisor

The Citizen Advisor’s task is to investigate complaints against the municipality’s case handling and assist in the provision of a good service where citizens are at the center.

The Citizen Advisor should help to strengthen the dialogue between citizens and the municipality’s administration. The Citizen Advisor is an employee of the City Council and an advisory and appeal body that is independent of the administration.

Every citizen in Randers Municipality can contact a Citizen Advisor for free.

Purpose and abilities

The purpose of the Citizen Advisor is to:

  • strengthen the legal rights of citizens and ensure the service they are entitled to.
  • help people through the municipal system and ensure that they are heard.
  • improve the municipality’s ability to serve the citizens.

With the Citizen Advisor you can:

  • complain about the municipality's handling of a case, an employee's behavior, etc.
  • get help if you have difficulty understanding a decision by the municipality.
  • get information and advice on how to complain about the municipality’s decisions and who can deal with your complaint.
  • get help to move forward with a complaint if you have experienced discrimination in the municipality.
  • help to restore dialogue with municipality employees if there is conflict in a case.
  • make suggestions about how the municipality's case handling and control can be improved.

The Citizen Advisor can also participate as observer if there is a conversation that you are uncomfortable with, to help you prepare for the interview, and then help you pick up on what came out of the conversation.


The Citizen Advisor cannot deal with complaints about:

  • the subject matter in municipality decisions.
  • political decisions, for example, service level, etc.
  • employment in the municipality.
  • comparison to other review bodies dealing with a particular complaint.

The Citizen Advisor usually does not handle complaints older than a year. There will have to be a specific evaluation for such a complaint to be considered.

Helper and power of attorney

A helper (bisidder) is a person who can help and support you and ensure that you have argued your case to the Citizen Advisor. In addition, the helper helps you to understand the results of the Citizen Advisor’s processing of your case.

If you wish, your helper can have rights during the proceedings, in which case he or she will need to fill out a power of attorney form.

Download the power of attorney form here.

The power of attorney form must be submitted to the Citizen Advisor along with the complaint.

According to section 8, paragraph 1, of the Danish Public Administration Act, you can, as a party to a case, decide to give power of attorney to someone to represent or assist you during any stage of the proceedings.