The Danish government has done a lot to make Denmark an attractive place for investment and new business ventures. This is also the case for Randers

The Danish government has forged private-public partnerships for research, communications and information technologies to help build a solid infrastructure and encourage growth in the private sector.

Visit www.startvaekst.dk to get help and inspiration to start your business.

CPR number for management and employees

Managers and employees working in Denmark must have a registration certificate\residence permit, and a work permit. You must also be registered in Demark and thus have a CPR-number.

Read more about CPR-numbers here

Freelance Possibilities

Before starting out on your own, you may wish to 'test the waters' and use your skills in a freelance capacity. One way to do that without registering a company, is through a freelance bureau that handles the administrative end of freelance work, while you take care of the creative end. In the blue box to the right, the link Freelancing Help gives some guidance* and possibilities for dipping a toe into the world of freelance work, before turning it into an official business. (*please note, this is not an endorsement of any particular organization or bureau)


If you wish to start a business, companies founded in Denmark must be registered with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency no later than eight days prior to the commencement of dutiable activities. When you register your business, you will receive a CVR number. The CVR number is the company's identification number. The CVR number must be used, when a company identifies itself to public authorities and private entities -e.g. in connection with issuing invoices, etc. Information about the CVR-number can be found at The Central Business Register.

Help getting started in Randers

Randers Business & Development Council is providing consultant services for entrepreneurs. An experienced consultant can offer you up to four hours of free counselling. The purpose of the counselling is to advise about the possibilities, problems and challenges, which can arise when launching a new company.

The consultant will also be able to refer you to lawyers, accountants and people possessing specific knowledge about your business area. The counselling will be based on your business plan for the company.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact commercial consultants at:

Randers Business & Development Council 
Parkboulevarden 31
DK-8900 Randers C 
Tel: +45 86 40 10 66 
Fax: +45 86 40 60 04 
Email: info@erhvervranders.dk
Homepage: www.reu.dk
CVR-nr. 10066891