Garden Waste And Compost

Here you can read why your garden will love you, if you compost your garden waste.

It Will Make Your Garden Thrive!

It is better, both for your garden and the environment, if you compost your garden waste at home in your own garden. The biological resources are thus kept in your own garden instead of wasting petrol on taking them elsewhere. You can also avoid or minimize the use of fertilizers, the production of which isn't CO2 friendly. The finished compost is full of nourishment for you to distribute around your garden.

Your compost is long-acting, gentle on your plants and it improves your soil structure, allowing more oxygen to reach the root systems of your plants. You can also use your compost when repotting plants or as top dressing on your lawn.

What Makes Good Compost?

  • hedge trimmings
  • branches and leaves
  • plants, carrot tops, potato plants after harvest
  • weeds (also dried out ones)
  • perennial trimmings
  • dried grass trimmings (wet ones rot)
  • hay and straw
  • excrement from herbivores
  • windfall fruit