May 2024 - Sorting Your Waste In Ten Types of Waste

In May 2024, we will start sorting our household waste into 10 different types of waste - both at home and at work.

You probably have lots of questions about what this will mean for you - we try to answer them here.

It is a legal requirement that we sort our waste more and better. And you have to do that both when you are at work and at home. It is important that we get better at sorting and recycling so that we take care of the planet's resources.

Today, 59% of our household waste is recycled. With the new waste scheme, we expect to be able to recycle as much as 70% of household waste by the time we reach 2030. In doing so, we emit less CO2 and achieve that even more waste is recycled into new products.

We have to sort the waste in order to utilize the resources in them, but it is even more important that we become better at producing less waste. Therefore, the sorting into 10 types of waste is only part of our goal for the coming years, where, in addition to reducing the amount of residual waste, we must also do something about the 800 kg of waste every citizen produce each year. Before we start with the 3rd container, we will go on an information tour around the municipality, so you can see the containers and ask all the questions you have about the collection of the 10 types of waste.

Why do we need a new waste management system?

We already sort most of the ten types of waste, but we need to sort soft plastics, beverage and food cartons, cardboard and textile waste. There is not enough space in the current bins for the increased sorting, so all single-family houses will need to have 3 bins:

Bin no. 1: Partitioned bin for food waste and residual waste
Bin no. 2: Partitioned bin for both hard and soft plastics and food  and beverage cartons plus glass and metal.
Bin no. 3: Undivided for paper and cardboard.

If you live in an apartment or share your waste stations you will also have so sort your waste into five separated containers..

For everyone with a standard single household solutions we will deliver an extra container - not three new ones. The new container will be delivered during the spring of 2024.

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