Move Checklist

When you are moving, there are many things you need to remember. Here you find a checklist of the most important items.

When you move into or within Randers Municipality, you must communicate your move to the Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR). You can report your move up to 90 days before the actual move date and no later than 5 days after the actual move date.

You must report the move digitally. Before you begin, be sure to:

  • have your NemID (if you do not have a NemID, you can find more information on how to get one here).
  • know your moving date.
  • find out whether you need to change doctor.

Report the move here.

When your move is registered in the Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR), an automatic message is sent to all government offices and institutions where you are registered. These include the License Office, the motor registry office, the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (SU), etc.

You ought to report your move to PostNord shortly before the move date to ensure that your mail arrives at your new home.

Put your name on your door and your mailbox right away, once you have moved in. If you forget to do it, you will not receive your mail, as it will be sent back to the sender.

Read more about moving your mail here (in Danish).

Report your move to your power and internet providers up to three days before moving (more notice may be required for your internet provider if you have to switch to someone new).

Check whether you need to make any changes in your preliminary income assessment for the tax authority (SKAT) based on your move from one area to another.

In Denmark, anyone who has a television or a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access has to pay a media license. Unless you are moving in with someone who already pay a license, you need to sign up for one.

Your license will move with you automatically, once you are signed up and have registered your move with the Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR). Thus, if you were signed up at your previous home, you do not need to sign up again once you have moved to Randers.

Sign up for a media license here.

When moving, you should contact your insurance company as a change of circumstances and location can affect your insurance policy and premium.

Not everyone automatically receives your new address. You must notify the following directly:

  • Employer
  • Telephone providers (land lines/mobile plans)
  • Insurance companies (home, car, life, health, liability, property, travel, supplementary, etc.)
  • Bank or savings bank
  • Doctor, specialist, dentist, and veterinary
  • Electricity and gas provider
  • Oil company
  • Heating company
  • Waterworks
  • The office or caretaker of the property
  • The Dog Register and Cat Register
  • Rescue teams
  • Clubs and recreation groups
  • Newspapers and magazines you subscribe to
  • Clubs or similar where you have charge cards or membership cards
  • The blood bank

When moving, changing your doctor is free of charge. It is easy to change doctors at the same time that you report your move electronically to the municipality and The Central Office of Civil Registration (CPR). As a rule, choose a doctor whose office is within 15 km of your residence.