Child Care Facilities

In Denmark, it is common practice that both parents work. Thus, the children are often in child care facilities until they attend school.

Randers offers different types of child care facilities, depending on the child's age, and you can freely choose the sort of child care facility that fits you and your child best.

Children below school age

If your child is less than three years old, you can choose whether it should be taken care of in a nursery (vuggestue) or by a childminder (dagpleje). In a nursery there are many children and several adults, while a childminder is one adult taking care of four to five children.

Shortly after your child's third birthday, the child will begin to attend a kindergarten. The child stays in the kindergarten until the year he or she turns six and starts school.

Many child care centers contains both nursery and kindergarten.

Child care guarantee

In Randers, it is guaranteed that your child will be offered a place in a child care facility. The guarantee applies once the child is older than 26 weeks up until it starts in school. Your child must be put on the waiting list for child care guarantee at least three months before the child needs to be taken care of.

Read more about the child care guarantee here.

After-school care

Often your workday is longer than your child's school day. Therefore, your child can attend after-school care and be together with his or her friends from school and take part in social activities.

There are two different after-school care programs called "SFO" and "fritidshjem", respectively. The SFOs belongs to the public schools and are located at those, whereas the fritidshjems are municipal day care centers that are not located at the schools.

Your child can attend after-school care from it starts school until it finishes third grade.