Navigating the Workplace

One of the things that can sometimes present challenges to internationals coming to Denmark, is the differences in work culture, and trying to navigate through them.

While some things are easy to adjust to, others may seem like more of a mystery, or even completely unfathomable.

Work-life balance is highly valued by employees, and employers respect that. With a slightly shorter work week (37 hours), and the prevelance of flex time allowing employees to work hours that fit them, or even work from home, overtime is a real rarity and generally avoided.

Hierarchies within offices are flatter, which can sometimes confuse internationals, who may be used to a more strict hierarchy of who is in charge. Not that there is no structure within an organization, but it is generally much flatter in reality, with more discussion and concensus, rather than giving and receiving of orders.

Infos and tips about working in Denmark

Another difference can be the attention that is paid to employees' welfare and personal growth, within companies. There are many opportunities to improve oneself within Danish organizations, should employees desire to do so. This also means that managers pay closer attention to ensuring that their colleagues are well-rounded, and finding meaning in their tasks. Not everything allows for that, but it is more about being happy with the work one does.

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