Relevant links

Below you will find some webpages that are of relevance to you when coming to Denmark (in general), and moving to Randers.

Some of these webpages are only available in Danish; however, you can use google translate and translate the webpages into your native language. All you have to do is copy paste the URL into google translate. Some of these sites are also noted elsewhere within Work and Live.

Business Randers


Angloinfo - the global expat network - The Official Website of Denmark

International employees in Randers
New to Denmark - the Official Portal for Foreigners
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Rules of registration of migration in the CPR

Blue Insurance Card Information

EU Insurance Card information

News from Danish television stations

Danish news in English (newspaper)

The Danish weather service

DMI - National Weather

Travel by public transportation - Travel Plan
Travel Plan - Local Buses
Midttrafik in english

Find your way in Denmark - from directions to taxis - the Yellow Pages - find what you need here