Getting Around

Having gotten established, with home and necessary services set up, sorting out transportation can sometimes be a hurdle. Denmark is fortunate to have a well-established infrastructure of public transportation and well-maintained roads, that ensure the majority of the population is never too far from a means to get around, be it by bus, train, car, foot or bike.

Public Transportation

In Randers, a strong network of train and bus routes make living here and getting to other parts of the country easy. That network also helps people enjoy big-city life without having to pay a big-city price. Access to Aarhus, Aalborg, even Copenhagen, is a matter of a train or bus ride away. Commuting between Randers and Aarhus or Aalborg can be done with a minimum of stress on your part, while leaving the driving to someone else. Buses leave and arrive in Randers regularly from many different areas in Denmark, and can be caught at the bus terminal downtown (along with city buses), or at one of the many stops along the routes. Trains leave throughout the day as well, going north to Aalborg and south to Aarhus and beyond, with connections along the way

Private Transportation

For those who prefer to drive, however, Randers is perfectly situated between Aalborg and Aarhus to make it an excellent solution for living, while working or attending school elsewhere if needed. With the E45 providing a major throughway from Aalborg to Aarhus, 45 minutes to an hour takes you from your door in Randers to your office or school, in either direction.

A License to Drive

One of the challenges, for those coming from elsewhere to Denmark, and Randers, can be getting their driver's license exchanged for a Danish or an international license. While the government works to make the rules more easily navigable for people coming in, it can be hard to distinguish what applies where and to whom. The most current license exchange information can be found at You can also check with Citizen Services (Borgerservice) to see if your country has been added to a country list that doesn't require a test to exchange license, etc. You can also find general license exchange information here, though it reflects the details generally, in slightly less formal language.

Basically, once you have moved to Randers, if you believe you will want to drive a car at some point in the near or distant future, then it will probably make sense to get your license exchanged for a Danish one. A quick online search for 'exchanging a driver's license' will help you find some different driving schools (if needed). It doesn't hurt to get it earlier rather than later, and can often times cost less than waiting until you have a vehicle to make the change.

Importing a Car

For those moving to Randers, importing your car from home is always an option. There are some steps that need to be taken, which you can read more about from Work in Denmark, as well as specific details on registration and fees from Skat.

Up on the 'Iron Horse'

Another option, which is extremely popular all over Denmark and definitely in Randers, is cycling. Whether it's for pleasure or sport or competitive racing, Denmark is mad for bicycles. Randers works hard to encourage all of its citizens to hop up on their iron horses, and even offers bikes for rental (electric and three-wheelers - rented through the Kommune, as well as commuter and city bikes - visit for further information on the commuter and city bikes). Not to mention the endless kilometers of bike lanes and paths, and plenty of bike parking throughout the city. Check out Randers - Bike City (in Danish) for all sorts of material on biking in Randers. Everything from biking routes, to mountain biking possibilities, to biking clubs and insurance, and all types of interesting information in between. Living in Randers gives you new and exciting opportunities to enjoy a favourite activity, explore the rich and varied natural surroundings, and possibly even meet new friends. There's also a Facebook page "Op på jernhesten" (Up on the 'Iron Horse') for more information, and a community of like-minded folks to connect with.