Randers Week

Each year the city of Randers holds Randers Week to showcase and celebrate the city and its citizenry, with concerts, shows, and events for the whole family, covering every age group and genre.

Food tents, experiences, concerts with artists both well known and up and coming all give attendees an opportunity to relax and have some fun, while enjoying the charm and hygge that Randers has to offer.

The Venue

Randers Week events take place all over the city, with a series of tents hosting all kinds of musicians to the city theatres holding events for children and families. Østervold is host to all manner of buskers and performers, as well as stands brimming with different types of foods. Many places in Randers offer some manner of entertainment, from the Bibliotek to Sct. Mortens Kirke to Randers Havn (Randers Harbor).

For further information check out the Randers Week website (in Danish)