Open city in Our Randers

In a unique partnership between business, tourism, the city’s leading media, and the Kommune, Randers is opening the city gates and inviting everyone in Denmark to experience the beautiful old trading city by the Gudenå on Saturday.

Families, job seekers, students, professionals, property seekers, entrepreneurs and all those who just want some exciting and fun experiences on a pretty spring day in beautiful surroundings are invited to Open City in Our Randers.

The event is a unique collaboration between Business Randers, Visit Randers, Randers Amtsavis, the Event Secretariat and Randers Kommune.

”We stand together to convey a clear and simple message; Randers has it all," said the mayor in Randers, Claus Omann Jensen, adding:

"We have momentum. As many are looking to the cities, it’s only natural to look to Randers."

Attractive jobs and affordable housing

A dynamic and diverse business environment and all kinds of homes and land for absolutely affordable prices are some of the things Randers wants to show off to visitors of the city.

Business Randers will host a large business- and job fair where all companies in Randers Kommune are invited to showcase themselves and their available positions for potential visitors.

”We see it as one of our most important activities that creates growth, among other things, we show that Randers is a business-friendly and attractive municipality for companies and job seekers from across the country," says Uffe Faerch, Director of Business Randers, who is pleased with the cooperation because it shows that Randers has a whole city to offer with manpower, training, networking, housing, nature and culture.

In cooperation with the city's real estate agents, there will be open houses in a broad range of city homes and apartments for sale, as well as showings for those wishing to visit subdivisions for business and private residences.

A Taste of Randers

At the Town Hall Square in the city's charming center, VisitRanders is organizing a great experience market where both guests and locals can get edible, drinkable and cultural tastes of Randers. This is the fifth consecutive year for this part of the event, and tourism head Anne-Mette Knattrup welcomes the extension:

”Experiences, education, settlement and business are interdependent. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that we are now based in each of our core areas, and can launch a common occurrence that reaches far beyond the city limits," says tourism head  Anne-Mette Knattrup, and she expresses the hope that this first joint major initiative can be the start of a long-term branding platform for Randers.

Randers and Nature go hand in hand

A few hundred meters from the experiences in the city center is the Gudenå, and following the winding path along the river behind Randers Regnskov takes you to the Randers Nature Center, which in honour of the occasion will also show what they have to offer city and Kommune residents. Whether you are boating on the river's calm waters, making pancakes over an open fire, practicing wickerwork or playing with velvety goat kids, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Nature Center, located just on the outskirts of the city.

We invite everyone, citizens and visitors from near and far, to the country's largest open house event: Open City in Our Randers.