About Randers

Welcome to Randers, a city highlighted by old historical houses and cobblestone streets that gives the downtown area an almost Middle Ages atmosphere while being surrounded by modern shops, restaurants, cafés and bars. The beautiful river “Gudenå”, which is Denmark’s longest river, runs through the city and creates a unique combination of urban settings mixed with natural beauty.

Randers is Denmark’s sixth largest city, and Randers Municipality is home to approximately 95,000 residents. Historically, Randers is an old industrial city, and currently has several thriving industrial and technical companies which are flexible, adaptable and modern.

Randers is known for its dedication to sports and has, for the last five years been an elite sports city, where the focus especially has been on developing and educating young sports talents. The people in Randers often get together over sporting activities, whether it be watching a football game with the local elite football club, Randers FC, or a handball game with Randers HK, the local elite handball club.

Randers also has a lot to offer within cultural activities and experiences. The city has Denmark's largest regional theatre with provoking, touching, and exciting staging. In addition, there is “Værket” with regular international concerts and performances. As well, there are art museums with both local and international inspirational and interesting exhibits, such as “Randers Art Museum” whose extensive collection is known for its high quality and great versatility, and “Gaia Museum” which is driven by 35 individuals with special needs, who work in the attached café or in one of the workshops. For more information go to visitranders.com.

The stunning natural environment surrounding the city also has a lot to offer. You can go canoeing on the beautiful “Gudenå” or take your bike and go for a ride on the “Gudenå-path”.

Randers is a city and a municipality that has a lot to offer for your entire family.


Claus Omann Jensen