Sport Activities in Randers

Randers has numerous sports clubs with many members. This gives you and your family the opportunity to participate in your favourite sports activity while socializing.

Doing sports

The natural environment in Randers makes it possible to participate in many different outdoor activities. You can run, walk or bicycle in the forests or you can canoe on Denmark’s longest river.

Watching sports

Randers' local football (also known as soccer to some) team, Randers FC, is in the top of the Danish League, and many folks in Randers go and watch their games. In fact, one can argue that it is a part of the local culture. In addition, Randers' local handball club, Randers HK, is also playing in the top of the Danish league, and many people in Randers go and watch their games as well. Mostly to support the local teams, but also to socialize.