Leisure Time

In Randers you can easily combine your work life with leisure time activities. The people in Randers have a general interest in other cultures and language difficulties are not an issue as the majority of Danes speak English.

Social life is highly valued in Denmark in general, and the people of Randers enjoy spending time with their family and friends both in private, and social settings. Parties and social gatherings at school, workplace, sports clubs and so on are also frequent events.

You can also spend your leisure time strolling down the ancient middle city with its many cafés, restaurants and shops, or explore the widely available, beautiful nature by foot, bike or boat.

As well, there is a thriving volunteer community in Randers. An online search for 'frivilligt arbejde randers' - (volunteer work randers) can also help you find other information on volunteering within the city or the municipality, such as this.

God fornøjelse! (Have a good time!)