A good time

Open City in Our Randers - Quite a Success!

Saturday, the 24th of May, was a good day to get to know Randers. Between a big flea market and Open City in Our Randers, as well as plenty of other events and possibilities, the joint was hopping.

In the Nellemann building, across from Randers Regnskov, many of Randers' varied range of companies had booths, welcoming jobseekers, other business owners, and general visitors alike to discover the different opportunities the city has to offer. Almost 600 people crossed the red carpet into the building, with about 10% of those coming from other municipalities within Denmark.

Some visitors also took advantage of the double-decker bus tours around the city, that left from the Nellemann building to various building and home sites around the city. The city's local horse-wagon tours also made stops at the business fair on a regular basis throughout the day.

Downtown events were very-well attended also, with people enjoying the many different sights, sounds, and tastes that Randers had to offer.

The weather even cooperated, after a bit of rain the previous day; the skies cleared up about midway through Saturday, letting the sunshine help show the prettier side of Randers.

We put our hearts out on our sleeves - and on the streets - to welcome everyone in to see just what kind of a place Randers is. We are very glad for all those who came out and joined us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!