Open by night

Merchants in downtown Randers take part in Open By Night, where shops will stay open until 22.

Open By Night is generally scheduled around a holiday or other citywide event. This year, Open By Night will be held on the 28th of May (the evening before Kristi Himmelfart, or Ascension Day), the 31st of October (Halloween), and the 28th of November (when the city officially turns on their Christmas lights).

In addition to shops being open later, during the evening of May 28th Randers Bibliotek will be holding a book sale at the main library downtown, Talent 014 is holding a concert with three of the musicians chosen for the project at Værket, and the training ship Denmark is docking in Randers Harbor today and will be open for visitors from 19:30-21:30. The training ship will also be open for visitors on Thursday, 29 May, from 14-16:30.

We hope to see you, out and about, enjoying a bit of late shopping or some of the other exciting opportunities happening during Open By Night!