Grøn Koncert (Green Concert)

Friday the 18th of July is the day the Grøn Koncert rolls into town this year, and we celebrate our unity and diversity, and everything in between with some good music.

Since 1983, the Grøn Koncert has been a part of summer festivals, giving attendees a good show with top acts, all while raising money for an important cause - Muscular Dystrophy. Almost every year since its inception the festival has grown, adding more acts, more venues, and more volunteers to make it an exciting and fun event for everyone.

The Music

Acts as diverse as Tina Dickow, DAD, TV-2, and Nephew have contributed to the entertainment for the Grøn Koncert. Many of the artists that take part in the festival, have done so in previous years as well. Not only are there big names, but also smaller groups take part as well.

The Venue

Each year the Grøn Koncert has added cities. Since 2011, Randers has been part of that list, bringing another festival into the charming city to brighten a summer night. As in years past, this year the concert will take place in Paderup, in the area between Hammelvej and Paderup Boulevard. Parking will be available just off Paderup Blvd., with the entrance to the festival just meters away.

The Cause

Grøn Koncert has worked, since its beginnings, to create an event full of pleasure and fun for all of its attendees, no matter their differences. As stated on their website, "All of the profits from the concert go to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation's work to create quality of life for people with Muscular Dystrophy, and their families." The funds are used for everything from summer camps to parents groups to research and rehabilitation.

Further Information

Visit the Grøn Koncert website for much more information on everything from the festival's history to artist and venue lists, as well as ticket and other event information.