Randers Art Week

The Randers area is an artistic treasure trove with many artisans, artists and designers. Here everything from sculptures to different variations of paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, glass, jewellery, and textiles can be experienced. As well, various types of crafts and art pieces can be found for the home.

For the second year, Randers Art Week ran during Easter 2014. Visitors could experience upwards of 40 exhibitions around the area's galleriesand workshops. Some places you could even get the chance to try your hand at art. Several of the artists in Randers Art Week have international experience. Randers –made art, for example, has been on display in New York, Berlin and London.

Randers opened the doors for all of those in the country interested in art from April 17 to 21, for Randers Art Week 2014. Art Week previewed on Palm Sunday, April 13, which also included exhibitors.

In addition to visiting the many galleries and open workshops, the art museums (Randers Museum of Art and GAIA Museum of Outsider Art) offered special showings and opening times.


Randers Museum of Art is a nationally recognized art museum with a large art collection of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. During Randers Art Week, Randers Art Museum hosts a great exhibition.

GAIA Museum of Outsider Art is a museum focusing on outsider art, which is a form of art generally created outside the boundaries of official culture, such as art created by artists who may be differently-abled, self-taught, or artists who were never connected with any sort of art institution. In addition to the museum, GAIA also maintains a café, a framing shop, creative workshops, a museum shop, and runs a three-year art course for people with special needs.

Out and About

Outside of Randers Art Week, as well as visiting the local museums, numerous art galleries, or artists’ studios, you can always take an art break at one of Randers’ many restaurants, cafes and inns. Or you can hunt through the area for the more than 60 different sculptures that stand around in Randers Municipality.

Randers Art Week is presented annually in cooperation with Randers Kommune, Randers Event Secretariat and VisitRanders.