SPEKTAKEL FESTIVAL - Culture just for Kids

Now kids get their own festival in Randers! - as a part of the European Capital of Culture – Aarhus 2017. From the 8th to the 11th of June 2017 Randers will present the best art and culture in a festival for kids!

26. februar 2017 - Oprettet af Kenneth Sørensen

Adults have an ever expanding sea of professional theatre, music and culture festivals. Now it’s the kids’ turn – with a focus on professional, original art and culture just for kids. At the Festival, all of the best art genres are represented – national and international theatre performances, street theatre, participatory art installations, high-energy concerts and sensory universes.

SPEKTAKEL FESTIVAL is a real festival! – with an indoor program at Randers EgnsTeater, Værket and Randers Musikskole. The outdoor program will be held at the central festival square, which is organised as a huge experience space with tents, food stalls, a building playground, and last, but not least, artistic installations, arrangements and products.

The festival encourages participation. Kids shouldn’t just be spectators, but also enter into the many art arrangements as developers and practising artists. The rule is that there should be a synergy and exchange between professional art practitioners and the kids.

All the SPEKTAKEL FESTIVAL activities are free for the 6,000 visitors to the festival´s fascinating universe.

  • Spektakel Festival
  • 8th – 11th June 2017
  • Place:  Randers EgnsTeater, Værket and Randers Musikskole
  • Organisers: Randers EgnsTeater, Randers Art Museum, Randers Chamber Orchestra, Værket, Remida Randers, Randers Musikskole and Randers Library