LUST - art exhibition

As part of the exhibit series ’Seven Deadly Sins’, at seven art museums in the Mid-Jutland Region, Randers Art Museum reimagines lust and desire. This happens during the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017 in the period from the 3rd of February through the 28th of May.

27. februar 2017 - Oprettet af Kenneth Sørensen

Is fornication a sin today, when free love has been highly praised since the 1970s? The exhibition is based on the understanding of the sin LUXURIA, an expression of exaggerated and uncontrollable sexual desire, a desire that can lead to infidelity, but also to violence, bestiality and other forms of amoral sexual acts.

The American concept artist Jenny Holzer, and the Danish-German sculptor Christian Lemmerz explores, each in their own way, the relationship between desire, violence and aggressiveness, between lust and murder.

Running concurrently with the exhibit, Randers Art Museum will create a public debate about lust, as one of the so-called seven deadly sins. In cooperation with the six other art museums in the Mid-Jutland Region, Randers Art Museum will create a hierarchy of our deadly sins in modern society. How can one re-think the deadly sins today – would we choose the same seven sins as the past ascribes to us?