Experience Bollywood in Randers

Bollywood and Indian musical traditions meet Danish big band music and classic chamber orchestra in this unique project. As part of the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017, ‘Bollywood Beats and Big Band’ will present a series of concerts in November 2017 several places in Denmark among others in Randers.

25. februar 2017 - Oprettet af Kenneth Sørensen

Indian music is something completely special. The Beatles discovered this, while on a tour of India in 1968, where the boys from Liverpool found inspiration for many of their recordings. But what can the exotic sound of Indian melodies and instruments do with Danish big band music and the classic chamber orchestra? This is what Randers Chamber Orchestra and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra have set out to discover.

The two Danish orchestras play with, among others, Abhijit Banerjee, who is one of the world’s best tabla players. A tabla is an Indian percussion instrument that adds a unique sound to classical music. In addition, one of the world’s foremost violinists will be taking part – the Indian-born Kala Ramnath. She has deep roots in both southern and northern Indian musical tradition, and has, with her warm and intuitive virtuoso, toured throughout most of the world.

These three different musical traditions blend together into an intense and united whole. The sound of traditional classical music will, in this way, be reimagined (rethought). The Danish saxophonist, composer and orchestra leader, Lars Møller, composes and directs the concerts. He reigns today as one of the leading figures in Scandinavian jazz and is known, among other things for his creative, nuanced use of the big band format.