Pork on the menu in communal institutions in Randers

On January 18, 2016 the Randers City Council adopted a proposal from the Danish People's Party and the Liberal party “Venstre” which says, that the communal institutions should include pork in their meal programmes.

pork on the menu in Randers municipality in Denmark

26. januar 2016 - Oprettet af Karen Balling Radmer

The proposal was adopted and states that:

Municipal institutions will ensure Danish food culture as a central part of the overall food being served in the institution – therefore there will also be served pork on an equal footing with other foods.  

The institutions should ensure everyone a healthy and balanced diet where no one is forced to eat something contrary to one's beliefs or religion.

The institutions should be flexible and with an alternative always ensure the necessary respect for allergy sufferers, religious beliefs, diabetes, etc.

The adoption means that pork will continue to be a part of the overall menu in municipal institutions where food is served. The proposal was adopted by the city council with 16 votes for the proposal and 15 against.  

 Link to the proposal (in Danish)