New rehabilitation centre in Randers

In the spring of 2016, Randers Municipality opens the doors to the new rehabilitation centre ”Træningshøjskolen”, where senior citizens in need of intensive rehabilitation after an injury or other type of loss of ability can get a stay. The aim is that the citizens will have the opportunity to regain the ability to cope with more things themselves and thus get more freedom and more good years of life.

11. januar 2016

Right now, the rooms at the senior centre Åbakken in Øster Tørslev, Randers Municipality are rather empty, so not much indicates that in a few months you can accommodate citizens in newly renovated apartments with access to ultramodern training facilities. But no doubt that there is something going on. A major department at the centre has been almost emptied of furniture and large rooms on the lower floor are covered in plastic and blankets so the painters can perform their art.

"According to plan, the new rehabilitation centre is completed in March 2016 and we start out with being able to house ten citizens at a time," says the head of the new rehabilitation centre, Louise Hauton, who is a qualified physiotherapist and has an extensive experience with 24-hour rehabilitation.

The need for rehabilitation after an injury or other type of loss of ability has grown in step with accelerated hospitalisations and an increasing proportion of the elderly in the population. In addition, most elderly people wish for an independent life, where they can dispose of their time and everyday life and will not be dependent on the help from the municipal home care to, for example, personal hygiene and cleaning.

New offer for citizens

"The accommodation units at the rehabilitation centre are reserved for citizens who have experienced a loss of their ability as a result of, for example, bone fracture or severe infections. The aim is that the citizens will be completely or partially independent again after the stay," says the head of the rehabilitation centre, Louise Hauton.

Today, citizens in need of rehabilitation do their exercise in the day centres and at the senior centre Svaleparken and, therefore, the new rehabilitation centre is an extension of the current municipal offer of rehabilitation. Louise Hauton looks forward to engage in a constructive collaboration with the visitation service, the field of the elderly people, the regional hospital in Randers (Regionshospitalet Randers) and Randers municipality's other rehabilitation centres in order to find the citizens who can benefit the most from a stay at the new rehabilitation centre. As something new, it is possible to train any day of the year, 24 hours a day.

“The rehabilitation centre is shaped through a collaboration characterised by high professionalism and a common goal to provide the citizens in Randers Municipality with the best conditions for a meaningful life”, states Louise Hauton.

Focus on the abilities after the stay

An important part of the rehabilitation mindset in Randers Municipality is that the staff are not doing things FOR the citizen, but WITH the citizen. This is supporting one of the main aims of rehabilitation; that the citizen will be as good to help him- or herself as possible and thus will be able to live an independent and meaningful life.

Therefore, one of the important focuses in connection with the rehabilitation centre at Åbakken is that you should also put the emphasis on the maintenance of ability; how the citizen can maintain their reacquired abilities after completing the stay at the rehabilitation centre.

"This means that we help the citizen and any helpers and relatives in the citizen's everyday life to maintain and develop the level of self-help that the citizen has achieved at the stay," says Louise Hauton.

"Hereafter, relatives and caregivers (if any) can continue to involve the citizen in tasks in the home, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and so on. Thus, the positive development will hopefully continue after the stay with us," concludes the head of the rehabilitation centre.