Digitalization and NemID

You will receive communication from Randers Municipality and other public authorities in a personal digital mailbox. You need a NemID to access this.

NemID (Easy ID)

The majority of the communications between citizens and Randers Municipality happen digitally, because the Municipality attempt to cut down on its mailings and other non-digital forms of communication, which will help save money, increase the efficiency of communication, and reduce environmental stresses and natural resource usage.

The mail that you receive digitally through your personal digital mailbox is referred to as digital post.


To access your digital mailbox, you will need a NemID (Easy ID). NemID is set of login information and a key card with a set of one-time password codes that helps ensure your security online.

You can also use NemID for your banking.

Digital Post

You can receive digital post either through or You only need to use and read your mail at one of these websites. Start by logging into one of them by using your NemID.

It is the law that persons aged 15 years and above who live in Denmark and have a Danish CPR number need to receive digital post from the public authorities if they are able. This includes an obligation to check and read the mail in your digital mailbox.

You can check a setting within your digital mailbox so you are notified by email when you receive digital post.