Registered Partnership

Same-sex couples can no longer enter into a registered partnership, but may instead be married at City Hall or in a church. However, this represents no change for couples who are already in a registered partnership.

Same-sex couples and the Marriage Act

The Marriage Act was changed as of 15 June 2012, so that same-sex couples, just as heterosexual couples, can marry in Denmark.

At the same time the Act on registered partnerships was removed, which means that, as of 15 June 2012, it is no longer possible to enter into a registered partnership in Denmark. The Registered Partnership Act shall continue to apply to registered partnerships concluded before that date.

The amendments entail inter alia that weddings, regardless of the parties' gender, can take place either at City Hall or in a church.

Conversion of registered partnerships to marriage

A registered partnership can be converted into a marriage if two conditions are met:

  • The partnership is made ​​in Denmark.
  • The partners agree that the partnership be transformed.

If you want your registered partnership to be converted into a marriage, you must complete the Conversion form (in Danish).

Once the two conditions are met, the municipality will issue a marriage certificate to you with the original registration date (of the partnership) as the wedding date. If the partnership is registered in the Danish CPR system, the municipality will change the registration so that the partnership is converted to a marriage.

Complete the Conversion form