The Danish Tax System

The Danish welfare state is financially supported by the tax system and consists of benefits such as free health care and free public schools, as well as economic support for students and the elderly.

If you get a Danish residence permit and a civil registry number, you will be able to take part in the Danish health care benefits. More information about your specific situationthe public schools and economic support for students.

First steps

Coming to Denmark for the first time to work and live? Some different practical manners must be done. See a list of what to do with taxes and more on SKAT's website.

First steps in Denmark

How and when to pay tax

When working in a Danish company in Denmark, you have to pay taxes starting from your first day at work. This type of tax is referred to as income tax.

When arriving in Randers you should contact the local tax center in order to get a preliminary income assessment, a tax rate, and a deduction card. The local tax center will also be able to help you if you have questions regarding your personal taxes, and taxes in general.

Besides income tax, you also have to pay property tax if you own any real estate. In addition, you pay indirect taxes when you purchase some products, such as cigarettes and alcohol.

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Tax benefits for researchers and commuters

Foreign researchers benefit from favourable tax schemes. Also, you can receive certain tax deductions if commuting more than 12 kilometres to work. This can be an economic benefit to living in Randers, as the rent is much lower here than in the surrounding cities. Hence, profitably you can live in Randers, but work in one of the surrounding cities like Aarhus or Aalborg.

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