About Private Insurance

When moving to a new country, it is always wise to carry private insurance (health and personal belongings coverage, possibly pet insurance if applicable, at the very least), in order to secure yourself and your family as well as your private belongings, until you are fully settled in your new home.

In Denmark there is free health care through the government, so health care insurance is most likely not necessary. However, there can be special conditions for your specific case, and you should research if you need to take out private health insurance. (You can use Google Translate to translate information into your native language.) It is advisable to shop around between the different insurance companies before purchasing, as both price and coverage can vary.

Two types of insurances

Compulsory insurances are those required by law and includes motor vehicle liability insurance and dog liability insurance (if applicable, no dog or car, no need for insurance), since you as owner have liability for damages that your vehicle or dog might cause. In addition, if you are a homeowner you need to have fire insurance.

Other types of insurances are optional and include general liability insurance, legal aid insurance, dental insurance, and contents insurance, which covers your belongings such as household goods, jewelry, and bicycles. Finally, there is unemployment and life insurance. It is advisable to examine which insurances would be wise for you to take out for you and your family. An insurance broker can help you with that.

The link in the blue box to the right takes you to further information about the different types of insurance available in Denmark, both compulsory and optional. Under Private Insurance, there is a link to a PDF about insurance for everyday needs, which addresses many particular aspects of contents insurance.

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Proof of Insurance

When you are moving from your home country to Denmark, it would be a good idea to bring copies of any insurance policies that you carry. This provides proof of coverage, and can help you negotiate lower rates with some insurances (such as vehicle coverage), or deal with issues about possible pre-existing conditions. It also may be necessary in case you have need of filing a claim against that insurance, due to some loss or other triggering incident