Newly Arrived in Denmark?

When coming to Randers, and Denmark, you probably have many practical questions, such as: How do I get a work permit and a residence permit? How does my spouse get one? Is it a good idea to get a bank account and private insurance? When do I have to pay tax? What is NemID and how do I get one? What is digitalization and why should I care?

Find the answers concerning the tax systembankingprivate insurance, a residence permit for your spouse/partner, as well as information on digitalisation and NemID

Newly arrived in Denmark?

The form for Arrivals from Foreign Countries is to be turned in at Borgerservice, Odinsgade 14, 8900 Randers C.

Download the form Arrivals from Foreign Countries

It is important to know that there are different rules for registering in Denmark, depending on which country you come from.

Read more about arrivals from foreign countries here

First steps

Coming to Denmark for the first time to work and live? Some different practical manners must be done. See a list of what to do with taxes and more on SKAT's website.

First steps in Denmark

Parking at the Kommune Offices

You can get a parking card from the front desk in the Kommune offices. Free parking is available in the yellow highlighted areas for Kommune guests and meeting attendees. This includes areas in Randers Regnskov.

See your parking options for those times when you visit the Kommune offices on Laksetorvet for a meeting or other business.