Digital Randers - Mit Randers

MitRanders is your personal universe in the digital sphere. You can use it to review information on your family, your health, your economy, your home, and much more. You can maintain a family calendar, and see events being presented by the Kommune.

You also use MitRanders and the Digital Postbox to communicate with the Kommune. Through your Digital Postbox you can send, receive, and respond to letters from the Kommune in a secure environment. MitRanders lets you skip the lines at Borgerservice, and deal with many of your communications with the Kommune at your convenience.

To access MitRanders, visit and log on using your NemID credentials and requested code (click on Start Mit Randers, in the center of the page). You can find out more about registering for a NemID in the section NemID, if you don’t already have one. Once there you can find specific information about you and your immediate family (spouse and children under 18), or respond to communications from the Kommune or other public entities as necessary.

All of this is designed to be secure, quick and easy, and best of all for you, it’s free! Sending and receiving messages from the Kommune costs you nothing.

Digital Postbox and e-Boks

Though they are connected, the Digital Postbox on and e-Boks on are not the same. Digital Postbox allows you to securely send to, receive, and respond to communications from public entities such as the Kommune, Skat, or others. Your account on allows you to securely receive communications from both public and private entities, such as banks and insurance companies. The Kommune will send communications to both your digital postbox and your e-Boks account if you choose, and you will receive a mail through your private e-mail when you have a letter in one of your secure accounts, if you have selected that notification option. You only need to check one of them (either your Digital Postbox or your e-Boks) to read the information. If you wish to respond to a public entity, you will need to log into your Digital Postbox via