Digital Post

Digital Post is mail from the public authorities, which is mailed to you digitally through your personal digital mailbox.

The aim is to minimize the public authorities’ use of traditional postal services.  This means that you now will receive your mail from public departments, such as the hospital, the tax department or child care institutions, digitally to your Digital Post Box.

Who need to use Digital Post?

It is the law that persons aged 15 years and above, who live in Denmark and have a Danish CPR-number, need to receive digital mail from the public authorities if they are able. This includes an obligation to check and read the mail in your digital mail box.

Who can be exempt?

You can be exempted from receiving digital post if you meet one of the following grounds:

  • Suffer from a mental or physical disability, which prevents you from receiving digital post.
  • If you do not own a computer or live in an area with little or no internet access.
  • If you move permanently outside of Denmark.
  • Have language difficulties that prevent you from using digital solutions.
  • If you do not have a permanent address.
  • If you have practical difficulties obtaining Nem-ID.

If you wish to apply for an exemption to digital post you must apply in person at your local Borgerservice.  If you are unable to show up in person, you can authorize a person to apply for you using the form Fuldmagt til anmodning om fritagelse fra Digital Post for borgere.

Can I authorize another person to read my digital mail?

You can authorize another person to access, read and manage your digital post. Here is the reading access form in English. 

How to get started with Digital Post

You can receive digital post either through or  You only need to use, and read your mail, at one of the websites.  Start by logging into or by using your Nem-ID, which is a universal login to many public institutions and much of the Danish Banking sector. You can read more about Nem-ID or obtain one at

Where can I get help?

The public library Randers Hovedbibliotek offers various courses in IT, including introduction to Digital Post and Nem-ID.

See the relevant courses at Randers Hovedbibliotek

At The Digital Hotline 70 20 00 00 staff can guide you in the use of digital post and the public authorities’ digital self service solutions.

Where can I read more about digital post in other languages?

Read more about digital post in Danish here