Digitalisation and NemID

Randers Kommune has set itself a goal that by 2015 at least 80% of the communications between citizens and the Kommune will happen digitally.

The Kommune is working to cut down on its mailings and other non-digital forms of communication, which will then help save money, increase efficiency of communication, and this is another step in reducing environmental stresses and natural resource usage.

What this means for you is that when receiving various types of communication from the Kommune, they will now come via a message to your private e-mail (as long as you check that setting within Digital Postbox and e-Boks, to notify you by e-mail upon receipt of communication), letting you know that you need to check your Digital Postbox or your e-Boks for a message or letter from the Kommune. To access that information, you will need a NemID code card and sign-on.

The links below will hopefully help to clarify the different information and what you need to do to best communicate with the Kommune digitally. You are always welcome to visit Citizen Service (Borgerservice) for help with going digital with Randers Kommune.

NemID Digital Post