Randers Art Week

Randers Art Week is held every year during the Easter. Come and explore the works of the many artisans, artists, and designers in the municipality.

The Randers area is an artistic treasure trove with many artisans, artists and designers. In Randers you will find everything from sculptures to different variations of paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, glass, jewelry and textiles. You can also buy various types of craft and art pieces for your home.

The Randers Art Week was first held in 2013. The idea was to create an initiative that the area's many artisans, artists, and designers could continue to run on their own after a few years. Thus, since 2016, Randers Art Week has been run by the newly established Art Week Association.

Randers Art Week gives you the opportunity to visit many galleries and open workshops.


During the Art Week, Randers Art Museum and GAIA Museum of Outsider Art often have special exhibitions and opening times.

Randers Museum of Art is a nationally recognized art museum with a large art collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures.

GAIA Museum of Outsider Art is a museum focusing on outsider art, which is a form of art generally created outside the boundaries of official culture, such as art created by artists who may be differently-abled or self-taught or artists who were never connected with any sort of art institution. In addition to the museum, GAIA also has a café, a framing shop, creative workshops, and a museum shop. GAIA runs a three-year art course for people with special needs.