Our Randers

Our Randers (VoresRanders) is a collaboration between VisitRanders and Randers Amtsavis (the city’s leading media). The event includes a large experience market.

At the city hall square (Rådhustorvet) in the city's charming center, VisitRanders is organizing a great experience market where you have the opportunity to meet many of the city's businesses, artists, and shops in a way you would not normally meet them. Among other things, you can experience delicious tastings, participate in competitions, listen to music, and find activities for both young and old. One of the goals of Our Randers is that we celebrate the city together.

Our Randers is usually held on a Saturday in June with activities in the following categories:

  • art, culture, and local history
  • child and family activities
  • tastings
  • nature experiences