Gudenaa Open Water Event

Gudenaa Open Water is a challenge for all athletes who want to try swimming in open water. The event takes place in June every year.

No matter whether you are fresh from the bath, work out several times a week, or keep in shape with swimming during the summer holidays, Gudenaa Open Water is something for you.

Gudenaa Open Water presents the following challenges:

  • The short - 1.5 km
  • The middle - 3.2 km
  • The long - 5.7 km
  • 10K - 10 km

In the Gudenaa (the Guden River) you swim with the stream and you therefore swim a lot faster than in a traditional swimming pool. Once, the winner swam the first 1,500 meters at a time faster than the world record at the same distance. A crawl stroke in the Gudenaa makes you shoot through the water like a dolphin.