Go Out

Randers have many different places to eat and go out. No matter whether you prefer to go out to eat, dance, talk, or listen to music, Randers has something to offer you.

In Randers, you can always get something good to eat. Randers offers many good food experiences - right from cozy cafés and inns with an atmosphere of their own to stylish restaurants. There is something for every taste, from the whole world, and at all kinds of prices.

Storegade is the center of the city's nightlife with many discos, bars, and restaurants. There are both places for those who feel like dancing and those who prefer to sit and talk over a drink or beer.

You can also choose to go to some of the many concerts and shows that are held in Randers. You can get an overview of events in Randers by following the links in the light grey box (located to the right or the bottom of the page depending on whether you are using a computer or smartphone).