Randers Has It All

Beatrice Ulrich and her family have settled in Randers after living in Switzerland, Australia, and Canada. The family has come to Randers to stay.

"I think Randers is a really nice city. It has everything you need. I like that it is a very charming city with historic houses," says Beatrice Ulrich, adding that Randers has proven to be a good city for her well-traveled family.

In the past, Beatrice, her husband Thomas Ulrich, and their daughters Sarina and Vivien canoed in Canada. Now they enjoy the Guden River (Gudenåen).

"Nature is important to us, and we like the Guden River. It was definitely one of the reasons why we chose Randers,” says Beatrice.

"It is three very different countries we have lived in, but after Australia and Canada, it is really nice to be in a city with so much history," said Beatrice. The Ulrich family has no plans to leave Randers. They have settled in well and are happy with the city.