An International Artist Flourishes in Randers

An inspiring art scene drew Rikke to Randers. Later, she would exhibit at the famous Broadway Gallery in New York.

"I chose Randers, because there was a focus on a whole new art scene where I could get my own studio and gallery," says Rikke Kill.

"It is the city's culture that you can talk to everyone – on every level. Here you can be yourself and that means a lot to me artistically". Over time, Rikke Kill has been a part of several creative communities in Randers, both as an artist and a graphic designer. A few years ago, she joined Creative Randers, a network of creative entrepreneurs.

"It has helped to give me the courage for major projects," says Rikke, thinking about how she will transport two of her paintings to New York City. In fact, Randers has become a platform for Rikke's creative development - a development that has reached all the way to the Broadway Gallery’s international show in the Big Apple.

Rikke can mention many advantages of living and working in Randers, one being the city's solidarity, which she has experienced. "There is always someone who will help you if you fall. And there's always someone to celebrate you when things are going well," says a smiling Rikke Kill.